Calligraphy Background – May

Calligraphy Background – May

06 May 2014 Uncategorized No Comments

Happy May! Sorry this one is a little late but it is definitely worth the wait! Alexis with Ink Scribbler created this beautiful wallpaper for us to enjoy this month.   Hope y'all are having a great month so far!! Continue reading →

Watercolor Tutorial by Jenny

02 Apr 2014 Calligraphy, Guest Calligrapher, Tutorials 9 Comments

Hello! I was honored when Margaret and Fozzy asked me if I would like to contribute to the Curious Calligrapher by creating the April desktop background. When Margaret mentioned that she wanted to include watercolor as well as calligraphy I was even more excited as that is what I

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Calligraphy Background – April

01 Apr 2014 Background No Comments

April is here and so is spring! April's background was done by Jenny of Moria Ink. Jenny used a Nikko G nib and Dr. PH Martin Bombay ink. I am always super excited to see what the talented members of our community create! Hope y'all enjoy it as

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Calligraphy Background – March

01 Mar 2014 Background, Calligraphy, Guest Calligrapher 1 Comment

Happy March to everyone. This year seems to be sprinting right along. March's background was done by Bailey of Antiquaria. Bailey used Dr. Martins Bleedproof white with Zebra G and Esterbrook 357 nibs to create this magnificent work of art. Hope y'all enjoy it! Continue reading →

Calligraphy Background – February

06 Feb 2014 Background, Calligraphy No Comments

Hello February. Fozzy has created a wonderful second edition of our Background Series.

The Curious Calligrapher Backgrounds

Fozzy used her Hunt 56 nib and moonplace sumi ink to create this beauty. Hope y'all enjoy it! Continue reading →

Happy Handwriting Day!

23 Jan 2014 Calligraphy, Tutorials No Comments

Hello dears! Fozzy here and we'll be writing about... well, your handwriting. This is some kind of a tutorial or jumpstart on creating your own calligraphy style thru your own handwriting. I've got this posted on my blog, but am publishing it here as well for our lovely little community.

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Busting the Slump

13 Jan 2014 Calligraphy, Tutorials 2 Comments

As the new year started, we all came back from our well deserved time off with our families and friends ready to get started on new projects. If you are like Fozzy and I, you can back to find your calligraphy hand a bit rusty. Calligraphy is very much like

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Calligraphy Background – January

09 Jan 2014 Background, Calligraphy 5 Comments

Hello 2014. I hope the year is going great for everyone. Fozzy and I want to introduce a new series.

The Curious Calligrapher Backgrounds

This alphabet was created using a Brause Steno, also known as the Blue Pumpkin. It has quickly become one of my favorite nibs.

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2013 Bragging Rights

30 Dec 2013 Calligraphy, Features 3 Comments

It's been a great year! 2013 is the year we founded The Curious Calligrapher. It seems to have flown by. Many members of our community had a year worth bragging about. Here are a few members who have shared their accomplishments with us! Johanna Myers with Wedding Chalk Art was featured in

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Guest Calligrapher – Melissa Esplin

18 Nov 2013 Calligraphy, Classes, Guest Calligrapher 8 Comments

Hello!! I’m so thrilled to be blogging at The Curious Calligrapher today. I’m Melissa Esplin, you can find me blogging at and teaching calligraphy at To me, calligraphy is a million times more effective than a Xanax. It calms me. It’s meditative. It wasn’t always that way, though. The

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