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Author Topic: Bridal Show survival tips?

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Bridal Show survival tips?
on: January 10, 2014, 11:43

Hi everyone!
I'm a newbie in a smallish town (45 000) where I appear to be the only calligrapher for now. I just registered for my second bridal show. I attended one last November, although it was a small affair. This one will likely be bigger and better organized. I have taken a few notes of things to do better/differently after the last one, but I was wondering what you veterans have to say about that subject?

I found that last time, there was a lot of education to do. A lot of people just didn't know what calligraphy was and I was genuinely surprised at how many times I had to specify that nothing they could see on my table was done with a computer. So I had a lot of fun talking about it, but nothing much came out of it.

What are your best tips, words of advice, if you care to share? I am very new, I do not digitize anything as computers are really not my forte, and I am just starting, so I'm not sure that offering big promotions is the way to go right now? I really want to slowly build a local clientele... And just make it through the day, as I am a raging introvert. 😀

So I'll gratefully accept any survival tips and advice! What works for you? What doesn't? Thank you in advance!


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Re: Bridal Show survival tips?
on: January 11, 2014, 21:38

I'm not sure if I can offer any real tips regarding bridal shows, but something that I felt was really helpful (from one introvert to another) is to have some sort of packet to give out. Nothing big, just a little brochure or sample of your work with contact info. Just something tangible.
It's a great way to start a convo and introduce yourself without feeling to forced. I had to do health fairs for work and always kind of dreaded them, but found once I made a packet of sorts with all need info it made it really easy.

And they'll have all your contact info after! I know you said the peeps were pretty unfamiliar with it but maybe also do a little callig on each thing so they can really see and feel it later.

Best of luck!!

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Re: Bridal Show survival tips?
on: January 28, 2014, 06:55

When I'm behind a booth in a show or something, I find it helps to work on something so it's like a mini demonstration (it also proves in real time that it's not a computer font!). People are also inclined to approach a booth when one is demoing something, rather than a sales looking person standing and starting at people like a shark! Of course you want to be alert and keep looking up and smiling and see if anyone has questions.. because if one is too absorbed in the work, people may be too scared to be a bother and ask questions too.

Maybe you can have a sign up that says 'Your name in calligraphy for free', that'll help strike up an interest and lead to conversations and discussions!

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